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A Tap Handle solution for every brewery



Step 1: Consultation
The birth of a legend. Whether it's over the phone, via email or nursing a beer, we start with the goal you want to achieve in the tap handle. We need to get to know you. Tell us your story; tell us your legacy. Tell us your budget.

Step 2: Initial proofs 
Get a handle on your handle.  Let’s brainstorm some ideas. This is the most crucial step as we can waste a lot of time and money without a good foundation, plus it’s an integral part of building a relationship. This is when we discuss functionality and aesthetics: materials to use, colors to awe, parts that may twist or turn. It’s our opportunity to impress you. We offer this process absolutely free, giving you 3 options to choose from. How does that get your goat?

Step 3: Design and Engineering
The nitty gritty. The nuts and bolts. We begin designing in 2D and 3D models which serve two purposes: First is finalize how we are going to make the product. Second is refine and scrutinize the product. Are there design or structure flaws? Does the handle align with branding and convey the  directive? Will this handle tell epic tales and cast mythical proportions of meaning while just existing and never speaking?

Step 4: Prototyping
Let’s get it started in here. This is where things get interesting. Our shop is equipped with a CNC, digital printer, and most importantly, a stereolithic 3D printer. This technology allows us to create and manufacture quickly, with tremendous precision. We use a variety of sprays and resins, airbrushing and hand painting to create magic. It is by far the most time consuming part, but the results show. The piece de resistance has come to life bringing forth unicorns, fairies, and beautiful orchestral music that arouses the urge to dance. Disclaimer: we don’t guarantee this last part.

Step 5: Prototype approval
You’ve got mail. We carefully package the prototype and ship it off for approval. We expect a critique on every aspect because after approval there is no going back. The prototype is returned to us as we use it to make our moulds.

Step 6: Production
Rome wasn’t built in a day. Our tap handles are produced in our very own factory in Asia which is ISO 9001 certified. Why do we do this? They are the best in the world at poly resin casting and it keeps the costs down for our customers. How do we know? We’ve been there, done that and literally got the T-shirt.

Step 7: Enjoy
Tap into it! Receive your shipment, crack a beer, and celebrate the legend that you are.



- Made in 5 business days or less

- Multiple styles to choose from

- Full colour graphics

- No minimums

- You design them or have us do it

- Custom aluminum signs

- Custom taster flight trays

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Wylie Jack produces something uniquely tailored to the client. From realistic 3D renderings to production ready prototypes and more. In house designers provide marketing and design services to create full branding packages to sell more craft beer, wine, cider, liquor, kombucha or coffee. A combination of branding your beer, brewery marketing, and custom tap handles in Canada are important. 



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