Wylie Jack understands that you have to find your identity and brand, and that may evolve as you grow and learn - as it should! Not every brewery has a budget for custom tap handles. All businesses start somewhere. Let us grow with you.  

Our generic tap handle line, Tap Handles to go.com, solves this problem. They are produced completely blank so we can customize to make them your own.

What makes them special? We use a laminated vinyl material that holds up well to a tap handle’s day to day wear. It can also be removed. So, if you have a seasonal that is coming out, you need only to order new stickers from us, peel and apply, and your handles are ready immediately. 

Our generic tap handles are all customized in house, including the decal printing. What does this mean to you? Low minimum orders and quick, exceptional service.

We now carry three of our most popular style handles and as time goes on we will add to this line up. These will be available for low quantity orders and kept in stock at our facility in Canada. Tap into it! 

Tap Handles To Go