Roll Labels are here!

Labels are required for the beer world, so we've got you covered.

Stickernut squirrel in car with roll labels

Here are a few reasons why stickers, decals and labels are important:

- Beer bottles and wine bottles need labels.

- Customers want beer stickers to commemorate where they've been and what beers they've tried.

- Any beer fridge is naked without brewery and beer stickers.

- And whether you sell them, give them away for promotion, or require them to stick forever or for a short time, there is a label here for every occasion.

Stickernut squirrel holding bottle

BOPP Labels:

Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene is a rugged, fatigue and moisture resistant, low toxicity plastic that is stretched this way and that to create a thin, flat surface perfect for printing on.

Available in clear, white or silver brushed, Stickernut BOPP labels allow one to showcase their product in ways that enhance rather than hide it. 

Stickernut BOPP Label specs:

They are waterproof and UV proof. 

They can be frozen or immersed in water and are perfect for food labelling. 

High humidity does not affect our labels.

They are resistant to acids, bases and solvents. 

They have a 2 Mil thickness (1 Mil = 0.001inch) 

We can print in white, or white and CMYK, or just CMYK, so let your rainbow loose!

The ink is opaque on clear material.

Paper Labels:

Most beer and wine labels are made of paper because they are the most cost-effective type of labels that we offer, and can be utilized in a variety of applications and forms of branding.

Here is a list of Stickernut options for paper stock stickers:

White bright paper permanent

White bright paper removable

White opaque paper permanent

White semi-gloss Litho paper with freezer permanent

White classic crest paper wet-strength permanent

Estate #4 paper permanent

Silver foil paper freezer permanent

Pink fluorescent paper permanent

Red fluorescent paper permanent

Green fluorescent paper permanent

Orange fluorescent paper permanent

Yellow fluorescent paper permanent

Polyester Labels:

Polyester label material is very strong due to its chemical composition, and is therefore used for more challenging label application which calls for more durability, abrasion resistance, higher heat resistance and UV stability.

Polyester labels are available in white (semiglossy) or silver (metalized, matte coated).



In addition to stickers, decals and labels, magnets are perfect for advertising and promoting as well.

If you're sticking things to the beer fridge, why not a magnet?

Everyone in the house reaches for a late night snack, breakfast milk for cereal, or an evening beer to relax.