- Great for special editions
- A variety of sizes and options

Serving trays

Metal, wood or plastic serving trays can be custom printed on the inside and outside. Cork non-slip inserts are also available.

Streamer Flags

- Full colour
- Customizable

LED coaster

Peel and stick these coasters to the bottom of any bottle.
Lasts up to 10 hours.

- Inexpensive
- Multiple colours available 
- Customizable on bottom


Big or small, inflatables are a fun and inexpensive highlighter!  

- Large to small sizes
- Customizable

We enjoy a challenge and are known for doing the impossible. If you have an idea for a promotional product, contact us!

Wood Signs

Customize a single sign or any quantity. 
- High quality
- Completely customizable
- Real wood

EL Signs can be ordered as a full sheet that lights up as a single color, or can be separate elements to light up at different times. All sheets can be custom cut as desired.

Bar Mats and Runners

Be the highlight while protecting bar tops. Completely customizable and available with full colour graphics. 

- Available in soft PVC rubber
- Rubber back
- Full colour 
- Multiple sizes, shapes and 
   materials available



- Produced by one of the top manufacturers specializing in traditional German beer steins
- Everything can be customized, including the top. 

LED Signs

LED signs are made in house, in Canada. Made from high quality materials, these are custom, one of a kind signs. Available in any size, shape or colour. 

- Halo lit
- Lightweight
- Changeable colours

Sandwich Boards

One of the most cost effective ways to get your name out there. Available in any size, shape or material.  

- Custom made 
- Wood or metal 
- Chalkboard or dry erase 


- Great for special edition brews
- Available with waterproof
  tin liner
- Available with locking top
- Full colour or spot colour

Beer Glasses

The shape, size and look of your glass are all important in how your beer is enjoyed and marketed.

We have the privilege to work with master glass makers in Canada and in Asia. Whether it’s a promo glass to give away
or a high end work of art for your pub, we can find the people to produce it.

- Get the right glass for your beer 
- Complete customization available
- Custom printing

Custom LED table Lamps

Restaurants and pubs love free swag. These lamps create a soft glow in multiple colors and last for 12 hours. It's also a great way to get your name in front of a captive audience.


- Rechargeable 
- Customizable

- Low minimums


Three grades of umbrellas. All can be printed in full colour and the deluxe version can be printed on the inside.

Full Colour Coasters

Coasters are a popular product for both advertising and keepsakes. Our coasters are available in a variety of materials. We have thick cardstock for the budget conscious, metal for those who want to be a little different and other high end materials (tin, leather, cork, bamboo, wood) for resale.

- Minimum order on some material is 250 
- Laser engraving available 



Great packaging sells great beer. Here lies tremendous opportunity to differentiate from the rest.
Wylie Jack offers full design services, including prototyping. We have also partnered with exceptional printing companies offering competitive pricing to all sizes of business.

EL Labels
These decals truly stand out in a crowd unlike anything you have ever seen. They can be cut into any shape or size, and the lights are available in different colours. EL Labels stick like a label and the electronics fit in a puck that attaches to the bottom of the bottle.​

Changing the image can be quick and easy. Your image can be silk screened to the product, or added to cling or a sticker. Have a seasonal you want to advertise? Just peel off the image and apply a new one, or you can store the image for future use.

Keg Collars

Fit over and grip the keg stem. Used to identify date of manufacturing, flavour, size and government information. Our die hole
is 2 9/32" diameter.

- Available in Polyethylene and poster board
- Orders as low as 125
- Full colour and spot colour 


Let loose and have some fun with these imaginative promotional items! This line of beer related games are inexpensive and entertaining.

Customize all of them to meet your needs.

Budget LED Signs

Great for giveaways. Lightweight and low profile so they can fit just about anywhere. The image is completely customizable and can be done in house for quick turnaround. 

- Up to 18" wide
- LED Back lit
- Inexpensive
- Full colour

Tin Signs

Tin signs that are budget friendly. Available in standard size but can also be made with custom sizes and shapes.  
For that extra flair they can be embossed or a neon tube added.

- Up to 18" round
- Completely custom
- Inexpensive
- Neon tube border

Bottle Openers

- Low cost
- Customizable
- Wood


Great for keeping your cans, bottles and growlers cool. Custom shapes and full colour printing. 

- Great promotional item
- Any shape or size
- Full colour

Keg Wraps

Keg wraps provide a unique way to label, brand and aid in easy identification. Suitable for indoor and outdoor use.

- White pressure sensitive vinyl with supertac adhesive.
- Full colour
- Multiple sizes available
- Orders as low as 50


Our glass growlers are amber or clear, and available in multiple shapes for any budget. All growlers can be customized with screen printed graphics.
- Amber or clear glass
- Aluminum w/ glass insert available 
- Custom printing



Fully customizable displays for your larger customers.

- available in wood, cardboard and tin
- LED lighting also available


- Great for POS or bars
- Full colour branding and wraps available
- Multiple sizes and shapes available


Growler Carriers

- Any shape or size
- Completely customizable

Beer Towers

Better than a jug, this will keep the beer cold. Sell more beer and advertise! 

- Multiple designs available
- Multiple colours available
- Customizable

Bar towels

Never one around when you need one. Now you can change that. 

- Inexpensive
- Multiple colours and sizes available 
- Complete custom branding available

Promo Flags

- Full colour
- Many different sizes 
   and options
- Double sided available

Flight Trays

It’s all about presentation. We can produce basic trays or go crazy with LED lighting. Imagination and budget are the only limitations. 

- Custom built to your specifications
- Plastic, wood, metal
- LED lighting available

Be one of the first to use this exciting and versatile product. EL signs are proprietary thin sheets that light up, similar to a florescent​​ bulb. They are as malleable as paper, as well as waterproof and weatherproof. These sheets allow you standout in areas that are not often thought of for great advertising. For use in, around and on floors, ceilings, walls, objects and whatever you can think of.

Have you ever wanted your logo or a custom image such as the nearby mountain range in the bottom of your glass? 

Let everyone remember your name as they take their last sip and order another.

Ice Buckets

A great way to promote your brand or message while keeping your beer cold.

- Multiple materials and sizes available.
- Full colour printing

Pop Up Tents

- Full colour
- Aluminum frame
- Many different sizes 
   and options

A-Frame Flags

- Lightweight
- Compact
-  Full colour
- Great for sporting
- Double sided

- Stand out in a dark bar

- Available in multiple sizes

  and shapes


Sit back and relax. We carry a full line of customizable chairs.

- Great for giveaways and promotion
- Multiple styles
- Full customization
- Cooler drawer available

- Made of plastic

- Rechargeable

- Branding available